Unique Live Interaction Control

  • 8 switch controls on bottom row allow playable live interaction with sequence pattern with 5 modes
  • Play Step :  trigger addition notes like a keyboard
  • Jump To Step:  Sequencer jumps to selected step 
  • Toggle Play/Skip:  easily alter the pattern with control over playing or skipping a step
  • Toggle Play/Pause:  alter the pattern with control over playing or pausing (silent)

  • Outputs both MIDI and Audio!
  • Core MIDI support and Audiobus support
  • MIDI Clock sync to keep tempo in Sync with other apps
  • MIDI transport start and stop in Sync with other Apps
  • Connects to your digital audio workstation via MIDI interfaces
  • Works great with Logic and GarageBand
  • Voice Bank of over 200 patches, including 66 bass 

Turns iPad into a classic Step Sequencer


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